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Our Guide to Heathrow Airport London
Our Guide to Heathrow Airport London

A Quick Guide To Heathrow Airport

This is one of the world’s largest airports. It is situated in London and is a tourist hub by itself. Many people are moving from one continent to the other and connecting flights or visiting the home country. The terminals and baggage claim areas can be quite confusing to most people. An in depth guide of the entire airport would require you taking more time than needed to learn how to maneuver the area. This is why we created a short go to guide whenever you are visiting the city or connecting via Heathrow airport. Since the airport has 5 terminals we will breakdown the amenities and resources in the said areas.

Terminal 1-5

You can check in at the first floor in terminal one. Once you check in there is an array of restaurants, bars and shops where you can entertain yourself as you go about your stay at the airport whether waiting for your flight or just waiting for a friend to arrive. Many of the eateries at the airport will offer 15 minute food. This means that most items on the menu will be made within 15 minutes of your order. There is a lounge just past security where you can pay to have some peace and quiet.

Terminal two is the largest terminal in the bunch. It was recently expanded and most of the airlines moved there. The lounge on this terminal is exquisite it boasts of a spa, en suite bedrooms and hot water showers. You get complimentary food and drinks while you are there. There are more than 11 bars and restaurants and over 28 stores to shop at. Baggage storage is offered in the terminals at a fee. Wi-Fi and international news magazines and televisions are available.

Terminal 3 has baggage storage on the ground floor. The terminal has more than 19 bars and restaurants. It is one of the busiest and oldest terminals at the airport. The restaurants offer 15 minute menus. The lounge in terminal 3 costs around 17 pounds per person for a limited amount of time. There is a more expensive lounge that costs about 30 pounds per hour for each person. There are free meals for children at the Bridge Bar if you check on the seasonal offers.

Terminal 4 is by far the most sophisticated of them all. With designer shops such as Gucci located here you bet you cannot go wrong when it comes to shopping at this terminal. You can also eat at one of the many restaurants on the terminal. There are several 15 minute menus cafes. Baggage can be stored in the arrivals hall from 5 am to 11 pm.

Terminal 5 and the final terminal has its check in at the top floor. Arrivals are found on the ground floor. You can choose to have a tour of the retail shops around. Baggage is stored on the ground level right next to the UK arrivals.

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