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Airline Baggage And Restricted Baggage Items
Airline Baggage And Restricted Baggage Items

Airline Baggage And Restricted Baggage Items

Whenever you go to the airport you will be carrying some baggage with you. Whether it’s hand luggage or the type you check in you will require some form of material you will have with you as you travel. For short flight people are more likely to go with a small carry on but for longer flights you may want to get a larger bag. There are some items which are restricted in boarding the flight as listed below.

Hand luggage.

Even if these are personal items and you want to use them for grooming or entertainment you may have to look for alternatives once you land. This is because there are well outlined dangers of having some of these items on the plane.

You should not carry knives, lighters, scissors, any metal item with pointed tips and any realistic replica of a weapon even if it is a toy.

Most sharp objects are also excluded such as razor blades such as box cutters, any knives except round bladed and plastic cutlery. All razor blades should be in a cartridge. The only exception I often for safety razor blades.

Sporting goods such as bats, basketball balls, golf clubs, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks and ski poles.

Another item that is strictly forbidden on almost all the airlines is guns and firearms. This is pretty obvious since shooting a bullet in a plane could cause a hole in it and then lead to the flight nose diving in the middle if the sea or something. This is why even realistic replicas of a gun are not allowed on to the plane.

Some tools are also not allowed on the plane such as axes, drills ( even the portable cordless type), hammers, saws and pliers. Screwdrivers are also prohibited except for those in eyeglass repair kits.

Having to reorganize your baggage can be hectic and annoying. This is why you should aim to follow the tips below when it comes to handling your baggage.

  • Know your free limit.

Most people end up carrying more than they are allowed on their free limit. This can be a cause of stress if you had not prepared yourself to pay the extra cost of baggage.

  • Do not pack anything valuable in your checked luggage it will not be replaced if lost.
  • Remove all the items that are tags from previous flights. You should never attach a new tag if an old tag exists since it will cause confusion. Write down all your names and address on the new tag clearly to avoid loss of items.
  • Do not leave your baggage unattended in the airport area for any reason. You will need to be careful as airport security may remove it as a threat source.
  • You may be required to pass all your luggage through the X-ray machine when you check in at the airport to ensure that you are not concealing any items.

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