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Emirates Baggage Allowance
Emirates Baggage Allowance

Emirates Baggage Allowance

Lucky for you if you are flying with Emirates because they have one of the most substantial baggage policies in the world. Emirates operate over 3,000 flights a week to 154 different cities. It has been crowned as the best airline in the world, and it isn’t the first time they were given this award.

Are you heading overseas on a wonderful holiday? Flying with Emirates means you have the chance to bring a more generous amount of luggage onboard than other flight companies.If you are bringing musical equipment or sports gear with you, then these are subject to the size and weight of another cabin luggage. Under certain circumstances, you can transport these items to another paid for seat.There are conditions when transporting instruments. It’s important to understand these to avoid problems when boarding your flight.

Hand luggage allowance

If you are flying in economy passengers of Emirates can bring carry-on baggage for free if it weighs less than 7kg and must meet the maximum dimension regulations of 55x38x20cm.When travelling via first or business class two carry on baggage’s are allowed like a briefcase or laptop bag but should meet the conditions of the dimensions meeting no more than 45x35x20cm.

Checked luggage allowance

The limits for checked luggage with depending on your route and which class you are travelling in.

First class is 50kg limit

Business is 40kg limit

Economy is a 30kg limit.

Items should not be any more than 23kg and dimensions as length, width and height must not go over the 150cm limit.Sports equipment can go into flight as checked in baggage and will go against your normal allowance as long as it does not exceed the 150cm limit otherwise you will be required to pay a fee.If you are travelling with an infant and they are under two years old, you are allowed an extra 10kg of luggage on board as well as a stroller at no charge.

You may need to purchase additional baggage, and this can be done at the airport or online for more convenience.The baggage allowance does vary on your route, the class you’re travelling and if you are an Emirates Skywards member. Emirates often apply a 10% discount when purchasing extra baggage if you pay by credit card. If you choose to purchase online, this will save you time later and becomes cheaper for you as well.You can log in and manage your booking if you have your booking reference numbers.

Your luggage will end up being weighted at the check-in point at the airport, and you may purchase more luggage allowance if needed. If buying more at the airport allow extra time for line-ups and processing.

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