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Emirates Named The World's Safest Airline
Emirates Named The World's Safest Airline

Emirates Named The World’s Safest Airline

When flying with Emirates, you are flying with the biggest airline in the middle east area. Emirates are safe to fly with and always receive positive feedback from their customers about their experience flying with Emirates. If you fly with Emirates on a holiday or to a new area of the world, it is important to know the allowances for your luggage to avoid unexpected fees and disappointment at the check-in point.

No doubt they are the best in the business never a dull word about Emirates.Emirates have been crowned the world’s safest airlines for 2017. Jet airliner crash data evaluation center conducted a test and Emirates came ranking in first. Etihad Airways ranked in quite high on the list of safest airlines but coming in second was Norway’s air-shuttle then third was Britain’s virgin Atlantic.
In at fourth, fifth, and sixth was Netherlands KLM then Britain’s easy jet and Finland’s Finnair and followed close by was Etihad Airways and US Spirit and Australia’s Jet Stars.

The study was in-depth and included performance tests, previous incidents and the age of the fleets.

If you are flying in economy class, you are allowed on board with baggage that does not weigh more than 7kg and must meet the dimension requirements of 55x38x20cm. In first class, you can have two pieces of baggage but should not exceed the dimensions of the bag being 45x35x20cm. This is the same requirements for the business class.

Checked luggage

There is an allowance for the checked baggage but will depend on your class of travel and where you are traveling to.

First class limit is 50kg

Business class is 40kg

the economy is a limit of 30kg

Each item should not go over the weight limit of 23kg, and the dimensions of the bag must not exceed 150cm.

Special baggage limit

You can transport sports equipment with you as checked in luggage, but it will count as your standard allowance. If the item exceeds the size limit of 150cm, you will have to pay extra fees. If you are travelling with an infant, you may bring a stroller on free of charge and are allowed 10kg extra at no charge.

Sports equipment

You may take surfboards, kite equipment, body boards, pole-vault, ski equipment etc. Be aware this will be checked in as your standard baggage, but certain requirements need to be seen to like sails need to be removable and collapsible, a limit release will be needed if the equipment is not packed safely in a hard-shell case.

For surfboards, the fins need to be removed or safely packed with foam if they are not removable. Nose and tail need to be bubble wrapped for protection, and the sides of the board need to be covered in cardboard to absorb the shock, and the board must be a in padded surf bag. The board should be packed in a properly padded surf-bag. If you find the baggage weight is over the free allowance limit be prepared for the additional baggage fees.

With Emirates wearing the crown you know that you are travelling in good hands.

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