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How do bone conduction headphones work?

If you are a music lover and also want to be active and responsive to whatever is happening around you while you listen to music, then bone conduction headphones are the best to work for you.

If you are rid9ing in an airplane, driving a car, riding a bike, jogging or whatever you are doing, you can use bone conduction headphones to make you connect with the world as well.

They are designed in a more specific way that uses the natural vibration of skull, jaw, and cheekbones to hear the sound. With the improvement of hearing aid technology, it is also working on the other features as well. If you want to know how these headphones work, read the following details.

How do Bone Conduction Headphones work?

We all get the chance to hear the sound through both the bones that are named as bone conducted or bone transmitted. Most of the sounds are to be heard through the eardrums. The eardrums are accountable as given converting upon the sound waves to vibrations, and hence at the end of the day, it transmits them to the cochlea or the inner ear.

In some of the conditions, the vibrations are all meant out to be heard as directly as in view with the inner ear using passing your eardrums. In simple terms, we would say that you understand your voice. This is how the whales understand will be working all upon.

Usually, we would say that the sound waves are the rare form of vibrations within the air. The vibrations will be traveling all through the medium of the air to the eardrums.

The eardrums then turn the vibrate and will be decoding these sound waves just as into the different type of vibrations that somehow have to be received by the Cochlea. The name of the inner ear also knows it. The Cochlea is all the medium connected straight to the auditory nerve as which transmits the sounds to our brain.

How do you hear Sound with Bone conduction?

Now, most of the users want to know that how you will be able to hear sound through bone conduction! Bone conduction somehow bypasses the eardrums. In the view of the bone conduction listening, the bone conduction devices will be best able to perform the role of the eardrums.

These devices will all the more decode the portion of sound waves, and hence all the way convert them into vibrations that can be received straight as directed by the Cochlea. In this way the sound that will be reaching into the ears as being the vibrations through the portion of bones and the skin.

It is perfect for the larger head sizes as because it does not clamp too much. It is much ideal set with the adjustable for the sake of the smaller heads yet still you will feel secure. This is great for the purpose singers and so many other categories of the recording artists.\

It has been put with the closed back ear cup designing that will make the ears feel warm as well. It also has the setting of the gold connectors. It is best for the desktop use or in recording studios, but it is not at all best for the portable or mobile users. It has the cord material that is much flexible and hence not too much thick.

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